Foot Control

Product features

The Foot Control is a proportional control which can be connected directly to the wheelchair electronics. The user can operate it with their feet as it is specifically designed for people with hand or arm function problems but with a relatively good foot control. Through this control, movements of the foot can be converted into steering and control of the wheelchair.

  • Low and proportional
  • Additional safety brackets for the frontside are available
  • Two switches can be linked to the separate interface: (red) on/off power wheelchair - (yellow) mode of the power wheelchair
  • Fully adjustable to individual possibilities and needs with well-thought-out electronics (mini USB connection)
  • Compatible with multiple types of wheelchair electronics
  • Has a LED light on the interface which will start to flash green in case of error or orange in case of active tilt. There's is also a LED light on the Foot Control which will indicate warnings/errors.
  • To make sure that the Foot Control maintains its functionality, regular maintenance is required

The Foot Control must be mounted so it is protected from larger external objects entering the device. 

Foot Control with Interface
Foot Control
Foot Control
Foot Control

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