Road Compensation - What is this?

One such programming option is called Road Compensation, and this is very helpful for joystick drivers.

Road Compensation automatically slows the speed of the power wheelchair when uneven surfaces are detected and then resumes speed, once more level surfaces are encountered.

Why is it needed?

Although available on any of the mo-vis joysticks, Road Compensation is most helpful on the All-round Joystick Light, Multi Joystick and Micro Joysticks. These joysticks are much more sensitive than a standard joystick.

For example, a regular All-round Joystick requires about 250 gr of force to move and sustain from center. The Micro Joystick requires less than 10 gr. Joysticks which are this sensitive are designed for a driver with muscle weakness who still has good fine motor control.

The joystick may be mounted at the hand or even the chin.

When the power wheelchair moves over uneven surfaces, vibration and jarring forces are translated through the base and seating system to the driver and the driving method. As the power wheelchair moves over the uneven surface, the driver may experience movement of their body that impacts alignment with and control of the joystick. As a result, the driver may have less control of their driving.

Uneven surfaces include grass, sidewalk cracks and holes, brick and pavers, aggregate, and even cobblestone.

By slowing the speed of the wheelchair under these circumstances, less vibration and jarring occurs, and the driver has more control. This improves both efficiency and safety.

This is a photo of a Micro Joystick mounted on a Multi Swing

Does the driver still have full control?

Yes, the driver still controls the maximum speed by how far the joystick is deflected from center. Instead of the driver having to reduce speed by bringing the joystick toward center while going over a bumpy surface, the wheelchair will automatically slow and then resume speed as the driving surface dictates.

By default, Road Compensation is disabled. You can activate this in our Configurator Software.

If the driver wants to enable the feature independently without having to use the Configurator Software, it is possible to turn the Road Compensation on and off with a quick Forward-Reverse-Forward command (manual mode).

The degree of compensation can also be programmed to meet individual’s needs. 

The Road Compensation is integrated in all our joysticks.

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