Muscular Dystrophy

MD is a progressive condition, which means it gets worse over time. It often begins by affecting a particular group of muscles, before affecting the muscles more widely.

People with advanced muscular dystrophy have very poor muscle strength, weak trunk and head stability and extremely reduced movement possibilities.

Due to the global weakness of the muscles and the very restricted movements of arms and hands, sophisticated devices are needed to fulfil all needs. The combination of some mo-vis devices can offer most muscular dystrophy patients a complete functional solution and opens new perspectives for a better quality of life. This can make the difference between dependence and independence.

Micro Joystick

People with MD generally lack sufficient strength to move the standard joystick. The Micro Joystick is a great alternative. With its minimal activating force of 8.5 gr and extremely reduced activation movement of 3.3 mm, it is currently the smallest, most durable and most sensitive proportional joystick worldwide.

The minimal force and miniscule throw meet all the special needs of people with MD to fully control a power chair and all its functions.

This is a photo of a Micro Joystick with Cup

Hand Warmer

A person with MD normally encounters problems when his hands and fingers are cold and stiff. The already very reduced movement capabilities become more difficult or even impossible.

The Hand Warmer blows warm air on the hands and keeps the fingers and area around the Micro Joystick warm. The adjustable warm air flow retains the finger flexibility and the capability to control the power chair. While it is a more common problem during winter, we also have customers who need the warm air of the Hand Warmer all year round to maintain control of the joystick.

To maintain the warm air around the hands and fingers, a Perspex dome-shaped 2 hands hood is used. The use of a cape outdoors may also be useful to enclose the area around the hands and the upper body. This can keep the warm air longer around the hands and protect the hands and fingers from rain and cold.

This is a photo of a Hand Warmer

Multi Switch

Controlling multiple switches, however small, can be difficult for someone with MD. Their range of movements is too limited for that.

However, to control all functionality of the power chair and to have access to simple environmental controls, communication aids or other devices, multiple switches are needed.

In that case, the Multi Switch can help. It enables to control multiple outputs (maximum 4), with  one input. This input can be any mechanical switch (mo-vis Twister or other) or a mo-vis proximity sensor.

This is a photo of a Multi Switch

So, for example, with just 1 switch the person can

  • switch the power chair on / off
  • control the mode button of the chair
  • have access to all Hand Warmer functions
  • control smartphone with scanning software

Furthermore, experience teaches us that, in general, a very small finger motion between the thumb and index finger remains possible for a long time for someone with MD. The movement can be just a few millimetres, but is very well controlled.

In that case, you could glue or attach the smallest proximity sensor (Ø 12 mm) to a finger holder. The sensor is always mounted at the same optimal position then. The user can then, with one proximity sensor and Multi Switch, control up to 4 functions or devices without using any force.

Road Compensation

It can be hard to maintain control of the wheelchair outdoors on an uneven, bumpy road or on cobblestones. Certainly for those that use our extremely sensitive Micro Joystick. The customer has to reduce the speed of the wheelchair constantly to maintain control of the power chair.

By activating the Road Compensation, the user no longer has to reduce the speed of the wheelchair himself. The wheelchair will automatically adjust to the situation. This means that the user can stabilize the finger position and global position by keeping the Micro Joystick at the maximum throw on rugged terrain without losing control of the power chair.

When the wheelchair reaches a better surface, it speeds up again according to the improvement of the road. When on a flat road, the power chair will reach its highest speed again very smoothly.

This is the icon of the configurator software

Learn more about the Micro Joystick, Hand Warmer or Multi Switch.