This is a photo of a Multi Switch

Product features

The Multi Switch allows the use of a single input device to control up to four outputs. This offers more operating options to the user. Input can either be a mechanical switch or the mo-vis proximity sensors.

  • USB-powered (e.g. USB Charger or laptop, tablet, powerbank) and contains its own control electronics
  • One 3.5 mm stereo input jack to connect a mechanical switch or a mo-vis proximity sensor as input device
  • Two 3.5 mm stereo jacks to connect up to 4 separate outputs (3.5 mm stereo jack splitter to 3.5 mm mono jack cable is required and optionally available at mo-vis)
  • Visual feedback: every output channel has its own LED that indicates its status and activity
  • Auditory feedback: beeping for input, select, output and quit function
  • Via the Configurator Software, it is possible to fully customize the multi-switch to individual possibilities and needs

The Multi Switch is only intended to support auxiliary wheelchair functions.


P014-40 Multi Switch


P014-41 Multi Switch proximity sensors 


P014-42 Multi Switch proximity set

     (P014-40 + P014-41)

This is a photo of a Multi Switch
This is a photo of a Multi Switch with the input options
This is a photo of a Proximity Sensor to control the Multi Switch

More information

Adjust to individual needs with the Configurator Software

With the Configurator Software, it is possible to fully customize the Multi Switch to your individual possibilities and needs. For instance, there are several select modes possible (click, start & scan, hold while scanning, ...) as well as different output modes (momentary/timed or switched).

You can put one or more outputs in Lock Mode, to stay in that output for a longer period of time (e.g. communication device).

Download the Configurator Software here.


Multi Switch Proximity Sensors

The Multi Switch proximity sensors are to be used as an input device, where no force or clicking is required. This is a real advantage compared to a regular mechanical switch.

It increases the comfort of the user and their ability to control the input device. The proximity sensors are available in two sizes: D12 and D24.

  • The small (D12) sensor allows installation on a very limited surface area.
  • The regular (D24) sensor offers a more sensitive activation, thanks to a larger sensor surface.

Proximity Sensors only work in combination with the Multi Switch.

The sensitivity of the sensors is fully adjustable and there are two calibration methods (auto or manual). The small (D12) sensor is easy to integrate in a customized molded finger holder for persons with extremely reduced and weak finger movements.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can I control with the Multi Switch?

    You can have access to all the functionalities of the power wheelchair, but also to some simple environmental controls, communication aids or other devices such as the Hand Warmer.

  • Can I use the proximity sensors on other devices as well?

    No, the proximity sensors are only compatible with the Multi Switch. 

  • Who is the Multi Switch intended for?

    The Multi Switch can be useful for a wide variety of people.

    On the one hand, it can be useful for people with muscular dystrophy, as their range of movement can be too limited to handle several switches. If movement is extremely limited, you can even attach the smallest proximity sensor to an (individually formed) finger holder, so that the sensor is mounted at the same optimal position in all circumstances.

    On the other hand, the Multi Switch is a great help for people for whom it is difficult to operate multiple switches in a coordinated manner, such as people with dystonia.

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