This is a photo of a Hand Warmer

Product features

The Hand Warmer's main functionality is to keep the area around a wheelchair input device warm. This increases the comfort of the users and their ability to control the input device. It is intended to be fitted on any electric wheelchair with 24 V connection.

  • An air heater, powered by the battery power (24 V) of a power chair
  • Fully adjustable to individual possibilities and needs with well-though-out electronics (mini USB connection)
  • Recycles air instead of using air from the cold environment: it draws air in at the front, heats it and forces it out again at the front using an internal fan. This results in a huge advantage with regards to the power consumption and efficiency.
  • A mechanical switch (e.g. Twister) can be immediately plugged in (on/off, select power levels) although you also have an on-board push button
  • LED indicates the status of the device

A Perspex dome-shaped 2-hands hood is available to better maintain the air temperature around the hands.


P012-62 Hand Warmer set


M012-31 Hand Warmer Dome set

    (2-handed dome)


M012-33 Hand Warmer Dome

    (1-handed dome)

Hand Warmer with Micro Joystick table
Hand Warmer with dome (2 hands)
This is a photo of a Hand Warmer
This is a photo of the frontside of the Hand Warmer
This is a photo of the backside of the Hand Warmer
1-handed Dome

More information

Customize the Hand Warmer

Via a mini USB connection you can connect the Hand Warmer to a PC and adjust it to individual possibilities and needs with our Configurator Software.

Several parameters can be programmed, such as auto off (switch off after a set time), number of available power levels, minimum and maximum temperature and fan speed.

Download the Configurator Software here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the Hand Warmer come with its own power supply? How much energy does it use?

    The Hand Warmer does not have its own power supply, but it can be fitted to any power wheelchair with 24V connection. 

    As the air inlet and outlet are at the same side, warm air is recycled again, instead of using air from the cold environment. This has a beneficial effect on power consumption and efficiency.

    Power consumption:

    • Full Power: 2.0 A
    • Idle mode: 20 mA
    • Sleep mode: 1.7 mA
  • How warm can the air get? Do I need to keep a certain distance from the unit?

    At full power the Hand Warmer will produce warm air (up to 70°C). It is advised to leave a minimum distance of 10 cm between the hand and the warmer. If you use the device constantly closer than 10 cm away, this may cause the skin on your fingers and hands to dry out.

Full control at your fingertips

The combination of mo-vis devices can offer most muscular dystrophy patients a complete functional solution and opens new perspectives for a better quality of life. This can make the difference between dependence and independence.
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