This is a photo of a Micro Joystick with Ball

Product features

The Micro Joystick is a joystick module which can be connected directly to the wheelchair electronics to control the wheelchair functions. It is a very small, proportional joystick, specifically designed for people with reduced muscle strength and/or a limited range of movement. It can easily be controlled by e.g. finger, chin, tongue, lip... It is recommended for people with muscular or neuromuscular diseases.

  • Very small and proportional
  • Supplied with two handles: a small ball and a cup
  • Very sensitive due to its low operating force (ca. 8 gr) and movement (3.3 mm). There is also a new adapted version available, which only requires 5 gr of force but comes with some additional attention points towards mounting etc.
  • Can be controlled by finger, chin, tongue, lip...
  • Designed in ergonomic shape for easy handling
  • Two switches can be linked to the separate interface: (red) on/off power wheelchair - (yellow) mode of the power wheelchair
  • Fully adjustable to individual possibilities and needs with well-thought-out electronics (mini USB connection)
  • Compatible with multiple types of wheelchair electronics
  • Has a LED light on the interface which will start to flash green in case of error or orange in case of active tilt

The joystick operates with high sensitivity. A good movement coordination and force control is required.


P002-51 Micro Joystick Omni

This joystick has an Omni cable with SUB D9 connector


P002-52 Micro Joystick R-net

This joystick has an R-net bus cable


P002-55 Micro Joystick Omni (5gr adapted)

This joystick has an Omni cable with SB D9 connector


P002-54 Micro Joystick LiNX

This joystick has a LiNX bus cable

Micro Joystick with ball table
Micro Joystick finger with Micro Joystick Cup (15.5 mm)
Multi Swing 2G Micro Joystick with Micro Joystick Cup (15 mm)
This is a photo of a Micro Joystick with Ball and interface
This is a photo of the side view of a Micro Joystick with Ball
This is a photo of a Micro Joystick with Ball
This is a photo of a Micro Joystick with Cup and interface
This is a photo of the side view of a Micro Joystick with Cup
This is a photo of a Micro Joystick with Ball
Micro Joystick arrow
Micro Joystick with ball
Micro Joystick with ball table 01
Micro Joystick finger with ball
Hand Warmer with Micro Joystick table
Multi Swing 2G Micro Joystick with ball
Chin Control Harness Micro Joystick with Micro Joystick Cup (15.5 mm)
Chin Control Harness Micro Joystick with ball
Chin Control Harness lip with Micro Joystick with ball

More information

Add more intelligence

There is a mini USB connection in the interface to connect the Micro Joystick to the mo-vis Configurator and add more intelligence. Interesting features are the Road Compensation and the Tilt Setting.

Download the configurator here.



The Micro Joystick is available in the following versions:

  • R-net version with R-net bus cable
  • Omni version with SUB D9 connector. This can be used to connect the mo-vis joystick directly to the Omni(2) Interface of Curtiss-Wright. But you can also connect the Omni joystick to other interfaces for compatibility with Dynamic Controls (DX, LiNX) and Curtis Instruments (Q-Logic).
  • LiNX version with a LiNX bus cable

Take a look at this overview to learn more about the compatibility of our joysticks.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How and where can I mount the Micro Joystick?

    The Micro Joystick can be mounted anywhere on the wheelchair that allows easy access for the user. The Micro Joystick Package includes a Mounting Ring, Q2M Rod D6 50 mm and half Clamp with bolt D6 20 mm.

    If you want to operate the Micro Joystick with your hand or fingers, you will have to make sure that your arm, wrist and hand are supported and that the joystick is mounted in an optimal position. The placement of the joystick has to be very specific, because the user will normally have very limited movement. The joystick can be integrated in a tray or mounted anywhere else for easy access (e.g. below the armrest).

    The Micro Joystick can also be mounted on a swing away arm or harness if you use it as chin, lip or tongue control. However, controlling such a sensitive joystick with your chin can be challenging, especially on rough terrain. The Multi Joystick may be better suited for you in some cases.

    Go to Mounting Systems for more information about our mounting options.

  • What is the Road Compensation?

    Read Michelle Lange's Blog on the Road Compensation to learn more in our tutorial about the mo-vis joysticks.

  • What is the Tilt Setting?

    Through our mo-vis Configurator Software you can activate the Tilt Setting of the joystick. As soon as your joystick is tilted in an angle of more than 70°, movement of the joystick will not be seen as a driving input anymore. When the joystick is tilted in an angle of less than 60°, the joystick will become active again.

    It makes sense to enable Tilt Setting, when the joystick is mounted on a swing away arm or when it is integrated in a swivel system.

  • Are the joysticks compatible with R-net/DX/LiNX/Q-Logic?

    Yes, read this post on 'Universal' Joysticks to learn more.

  • How should I clean or disinfect the joystick?

    To guarantee a maximum lifetime of the device, the joystick should be cleaned on a regular basis. Gently remove dust and dirt with a damp cloth. Only use non-aggressive disinfectant cleaning agents. Do not immerse it in water or use excessive amounts of liquid. Also, do not apply additional lubricants to the moving parts.

    The ball or cup on top of the joystick can be removed without tools to clean them. You may shortly immerse the ball or cup in warm water with a gentle cleaning agent. Let the ball or cup dry before putting it back on.

    If the ball or cup is damaged, worn out or remains dirty, replace it. Contact your dealer or contact us by email ( to order spare parts.

  • There is a problem with my device, what should I do?

    In case of technical problems, contact your dealer. If the dealer is not available, or unknown, please contact us by email ( or by phone +32 9 335 28 60.

     Always state the device serial number when contacting your dealer or mo-vis. This ensures that you are provided with the correct information.

     mo-vis will ask the dealer to send us a fault log of the device and/or to send the device to us for inspection with an RMA (return merchandise authorization) form.

  • Micro Joystick Omni (5gr adapted)

    For people that are not able to move the regular Micro Joystick Omni, we can adapt the sensor so it only requires 5 gr of force. Because this is extremely sensitive, it comes with some additional warning, which you can find in the installation manual. Special attention should be paid to mounting, shielding and testing.

How Ben uses an ultra-sensitive joystick to enjoy maximal independence

Spinal Muscular Atrophy strongly affects muscle strength and dexterity. Ben, for example, relies heavily on the little strength that’s left in his index finger. In this story, he elaborates on the assistive devices he uses, including the ultra-sensitive Micro Joystick Omni (5 gr adapted).
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