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Product features

The Multi Swing is a versatile, motorized arm to mount on an electric wheelchair. With this arm, devices such as chin joysticks can be positioned to drive, and the arm can be moved upwards or sideways by pressing a button whenever needed. The Multi Swing 2G is intended to be fitted on any power wheelchair with a 24 V connection.

  • Designed for the use of a chin control system, but it can also be mounted and used for the attachment of small and lightweight communication tools, such as smartphone or tablet. The maximum weight is 1kg on a maximum distance of 55 cm

  • The Multi Swing can swing away in several directions (up-down / left-right), depending on the installation method and parameter settings

  • The arm is attached to the rear of the wheelchair's backrest. For easy mounting, mo-vis proposes two bundles: Q2M or Rail

  • The Multi Swing has 1 input and 2 output jacks. You can connect any 'normally open' button (for example mo-vis Twister) or a mo-vis Twister Pro with an additional safety feature

  • Is fully adjustable to individual possibilities and needs with well-thought-out electronics (USB C connection)

  • Has a LED light which will indicate the status and/or error code of the device

  • Different types of joysticks or devices can easily be mounted on the mounting arm through the Quick-to-mount (Q2M) system


P031-61 Multi Swing 2G Arm

This includes the Multi Swing 2G Motor Unit (P031-50), the Q2M Joint Arm Assembly (M031-66) and the Q2M Joint Multi Swing 2G Adapter Set (M031-74)


P031-62 Multi Swing 2G Arm Bundle Q2M

This includes the P031-61 and the M031-99 Multi Swing 2G Mounting Set Q2M


P031-63 Multi Swing 2G Arm Bundle Rail

This includes the P031-61 and the M031-93 Multi Swing 2G Bracket Set Rail


Dedicated mounting set for the mo-vis Joysticks

M004-40 D6 Multi Adjustable Joint

M004-51 Q2M Multi JS Chin Control Adapter Set

M004-52 Q2M Allround JS Chin Control Adapter Set


For more information about the older versions of the Multi Swing (product codes below) and their spare parts, please contact mo-vis.

P001-60 Multi Swing right arm

P001-62 Multi Swing right arm bundle

P001-61 Multi Swing left arm

P001-63 Multi Swing left arm bundle


Multi Swing 2G bundle Q2M with Multi Joystick
Multi Swing 2G motor unit
Multi Swing 2G bundle rail with Micro Joystick
Multi Swing 2G bundle rail backside
Multi Swing 2G Multi Joystick with ball
Multi Swing 2G Micro Joystick with Micro Joystick Cup (15 mm)
Multi Swing 2G All-round Joystick with All-round Joystick Cup (37 mm)

More information

Installation guide: This step-by-step video guides you through the entire installation process of the Multi Swing 2G

Add more intelligence

A mini USB connection is integrated in the motor unit of the Multi Swing to connect the device to the Configurator Software and add more intelligence. 

For instance: the jack connections of the input and output are configurable. 1 input button can be configured to perform up to 3 different functions.

Download the Configurator Software here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can the Multi Swing be mounted on all wheelchairs?

    The Multi Swing is intended to be fitted on any power wheelchair with 24V connection.

    In the bundle versions, installation parts are included to mount the Multi Swing on a wheelchair.



  • What can I mount on the Multi Swing?

    We are specialized in proportional drive controls for power wheelchair, so the mo-vis joysticks (e.g. Multi Joystick or All-round Joystick (Light) can easily be mounted on the arm.

    You can also mount other devices, such as lightweight communication tools.

    Only thing to keep in mind is that the maximum weight is 1 kg on a total arm length of 55 cm. 

  • Can you tell me more about the intelligence of the arm?

    You can program the button connected to the input jack of the motor unit.

    • Normal operation: the button will cause a direct action. The action could move the arm or operate an output.
    • Combined double action: the button is used to control both an output, and move the arm. When the button is closed shortly, the output will be closed. Pressing the button longer will operate the arm. Depending on the settings the arm will move as long as the button is pressed or move all the way till the end.
    • Combined triple action: the button is used to control two outputs, and move the arm. When the button is pressed shortly once, the tip of the output will be closed. When the button is pressed shortly twice, the ring of the output will be closed. Pressing the button longer will operate the arm. 

    You can program how long the outputs should be closed.

  • What happens when something is blocking the movement radius of the arm?

    Thanks to a mechanical slipping clutch in the motor unit, the arm will stop when it encounters an obstacle. This will prevent anything from getting wedged or damaging the arm itself. 

  • What if there is an emergency and someone has to leave the wheelchair very suddenly?

    That is not a problem. You can just push or pull away the arm (upwards or sideways, depending on the mounting).

    Although this is not something you should do regularly, it is a safety feature that you can use, which will not cause damage to the arm or motor unit.

The Multi Swing: providing unique mounting options for power wheelchair driving methods and more

by Guest Blogger Michelle L. Lange, OTR/L, ABDA, ATP/SMS

Any power wheelchair driving method must be mounted to provide a consistent, stable, and secure placement to optimize driving. This is particularly true of driving methods mounted by the chin.
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