This is a photo of Q2M rods and bolts

Product features

  • Small, but intelligent building modules, made of light but durable and robust metal
  • Elegant black design
  • Modular expandable


M007-01 Q2M Universal Clamp

Universal mounting clamp to be fixed on a tube (e.g. tube of a wheelchair frame)


Q2M Clamp D6 (M004-07) and D8 (M004-14) / Q2M Rod D6 (M004-74 (...) 78) and D8 (M004-83 (...) 85)

The rods and clamps have been designed so that they can easily and quickly be connected to each other. You choose the distances and angles by tightening or loosening the clamps via an Allen Wrench. Adjustments can be done any time.


M008-04 Q2M Rod Lock

Rotating swing system that can be locked in any position.


M004-26 Q2M Clamp D6 Split

This clamp is used especially with Twister on Bended Tube. The split makes it possible to slide in the cable of the Twister on Bended Tube.


Q2M Dogbones Set (M004-10 (...) 13)

Dogbones are flat bars made of durable metal, which can be perfectly used to fix extra modules to the wheelchair (such as our Multi Swing or Manual Swing).


Q2M Quick Swing

The Quick Swing is a small swing away mounting system to mount and swing away small accessories into a specific position (e.g. mo-vis Twister switch).


Q2M Mounting Base D6 (M004-22) or D8 (M004-23)

The Q2M Mounting Base is a small but firm mounting base to mount small accessories on any flat surface, such as a wheelchair tray.


Q2M Rod D6-D8 60 mm (M004-90)

It allows you to mount a mo-vis device (e.g. Hand Warmer, Multi Joystick, Micro Joystick) on systems with rods of 8 mm diameter.

This is a photo of a Q2M Clamp D6
This is a photo of a Q2M mounting base D8
This is a photo of a Q2M Universal Clamp
This is a photo of a Q2M Rod Lock Assembly
This is a photo of a dogbone right angled
This is a photo of a straight dogbone
This is a photo of a Quick Swing
This is a photo of a Twist & Swing

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