Manual Swing 2G Arm Bundle Q2M

Product features

The Manual Swing 2G is a versatile arm to mount on an electrical wheelchair. With this arm, devices such as chin joysticks can be positioned to drive, and the arm can be moved upwards or sideways manually, whenever needed

  • Designed for the use of a chin control system, but it can also be mounted and used for the attachment of small and lightweight communication tools, such as smartphone or tablet. The maximum weight is 1kg on a maximum distance of 55 cm

  • The Multi Swing can swing away in several directions (up-down / left-right), depending on the installation method

  • The arm is attached to the rear of the wheelchair's backrest. For easy mounting, mo-vis proposes a mounting bundle

  • Different types of joysticks or devices can easily be mounted on the mounting arm through the Quick-to-mount (Q2M) system


P031-21 Manual Swing 2G Arm

This includes the Manual Swing Pivot Unit (P001-20), the Q2M Joint Arm Assembly (M031-66) and the Q2M Joint Manual Swing Adapter Set (M031-73)


P031-22 Manual Swing 2G Arm Bundle Q2M

This includes the P031-21 and the M004-17 Q2M Manual Swing Mounting Set


Dedicated mounting set for the mo-vis Joysticks

M004-40 D6 Multi Adjustable Joint

M004-51 Q2M Multi JS Chin Control Adapter Set

M004-52 Q2M Allround JS Chin Control Adapter Set


For more information about the older versions of the Manual Swing (product codes below) and their spare parts, please contact mo-vis.

P001-21 Manual Swing right arm

P001-22 Manual Swing right arm bundle

P001-23 Manual Swing left arm

P001-24 Manual Swing left arm bundle

Manual Swing 2G Arm Bundle Q2M
Manual Swing 2G Arm Bundle Q2M
Manual Swing 2G Arm Bundle Q2M
Manual Swing 2G Arm Bundle Q2M

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