Scoot Control webinar, Wednesday July 5 4-5pm CEST ● FULLY BOOKED

This webinar session is fully booked. Thanks for your interest, keep an eye out on our socials and website to see if we organize a second webinar about our Scoot Control.

Questions we answer in the webinar

As mentioned above, we regularly come across questions related to this special control. To answer your questions we organize a webinar focused on the Scoot Control and its programming (on-board and R-net). 

Examples of questions we answer during the webinar:

  • Is it a Universal or an Attendant Control? How can I check? What’s the difference?
  • Where and how can I adjust parameters like access to actuators?
  • Can I use the Scoot Control without any other control on the electric wheelchair?

Feel free to share questions upfront you would like to see answered via 

Why join this webinar

Join the webinar if you want hands-on guidelines on what to do with the Scoot Control when it arrives at your office doorstep.

Discover how to

  • Change the Scoot Control’s profile (attendant or universal) 
  • Master the on-board and R-net programming
  • Use the Scoot Control in different scenarios (standalone, combined with joystick, etc.) 

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More about the Scoot Control

The Scoot Control is a steering device which can be connected directly to the wheelchair electronics (R-net or LiNX), to control the power chair and its functions. It is intended to support an attendant in controlling or maneuvering a power chair, both inside and outside.

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This is a photo of the Scoot Control mounted on the back of a powerchair