We let you be you

We know that there is no 'typical' power wheelchair user. Some may suffer from neurological trauma or disease, others by musculoskeletal trauma or disease. They can be young or old. Most users prefer being assisted to overcome challenges that their abilities present, rather than being disempowered by having them taken away from them.

Therefore it is essential that assistive devices can be adapted and adjusted to individual needs and requirements.

You will notice that we often go the extra mile with our products. Sometimes this is the result of our own experience and expertise, but we also take suggestions for new products or improvements to existing products to heart. As we want to offer real solutions for real problems, the needs of our users are always a priority to us.

More than words

Our values are more than just words. We try to change everyday lives with what we do.

All control in a grip

Many wheelchair users of all ages have relentless muscle spasms due to involuntary muscle movements. A reinforced and enlarged proportional joystick, combined with a multi-functional switch, allows more controlled abilities.
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