ALS is characterized by stiff muscles, muscle twitching and gradually worsening weakness due to muscles decreasing in size. This results in loss of motor function and muscle weakness, in difficulty in speaking, swallowing and eventually breathing.

The disease is progressive, meaning the symptoms get worse over time. Currently, there is no cure for ALS and no effective treatment to halt, or reverse, the progression of the disease.

Patients in the later stage of the disease may become totally paralyzed.At that moment, the combination of some mo-vis devices can offer most ALS patients a complete functional solution and opens new perspectives for a better quality of life. This can create a customized solution in accordance with the degenerative evolution and loss of function.

Multi Swing

The Multi Swing is a versatile, motorized mounting arm to be mount on a power wheelchair and designed to be used as a chin control. The Multi Swing

  • movement (swing away horizontally or vertically)
  • speed (start speed, acceleration sector, nominal speed) 
  • angle (arm movement programmable from 1° up to maximum opening angle of 274°)
  • and connection (multiple input buttons possible, activation methods and output actions can be altered)

Those features are fully adjustable to the user's preferences and needs with the mo-vis Configurator Software. The arm can be positioned to drive and can be moved upwards or sideways by pressing a button whenever needed.

This is a photo of a Multi Swing

Multi Joystick

The Multi Joystick is designed to be used as chin joystick and is a fully proportional joystick with a reduced amplitude (travel from center is 8 mm) and minimal force requirement (only 50 gr). The Multi Joystick requires significant less power and movement compared to a normal joystick and perfectly meets the functional needs of the ALS patient.

The Multi Swing in combination with the Multi Joystick offers effective and comfortable solutions for the customer, as well as an aesthetically pleasing look. One or two Twister switches on bended tube can be mounted besides the joystick and immediately plugged into the housing as on/off and mode switch.

The elegant and light sensitive Twister switches are tree dimensional adjustable and react at the lightest touch, even on the side of the switch.The joystick cable enters inside the tube of the swing away arm and leaves the pipe at the backside of the power wheelchair. The huge advantage is not only a better protection of the joystick cable against damage but also a discreet and lovely look.

This is a photo of a Multi Joystick mounted on a Multi Swing



Most customers who are already familiar with the use of a chin control usually opt for the combination of the Multi Joystick with two switches: one for on/off and one for mode. But with the Configurator Software you can program the operation of the connected switch to the Multi Swing and multiple functions can be assigned to one switch.

So, you do not need 3 different switches to activate the arm, the power on/off and the mode of the power chair. You can assign the three functions to one single switch.

The combination of the Multi Swing with a Multi Joystick (mounted on an adaptable rod with adjustable bolts) and a Twister switch with triple action offers the most functional and innovative chin control ever seen

This is a Twister on Bended Tube with Blue Cap

Road Compensation

With the Configurator Software it is possible to adjust the working of the mo-vis devices according to the users’ needs. Almost all settings of the different devices are fully adjustable.

One very interesting parameter in the mo-vis joysticks is the Road Compensation.

It can be hard to maintain control of the wheelchair outdoors on an uneven, bumpy road or on cobbles. Certainly for those who use a chin control, combined with a sensitive joystick such as the Multi Joystick. Outdoors on a bumpy road, the customer has to reduce the speed of the wheelchair to maintain the control of the power chair.

By activating the Road Compensation, the user no longer has to reduce the speed of the wheelchair him/herself on an uneven road, but the wheelchair itself will automatically adjust to the situation.

This means that the user can stabilize his global position by keeping the Multi Joystick with his chin at the maximum throw on rugged terrain without losing control of the power chair.

When the wheelchair reaches a better surface, it speeds up again according to the improvement of the road. When on a flat road, the power chair will reach very smoothly its highest speed again.

This is the icon of the Road Compensation

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