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The mo-vis proportional Head Control allows power wheelchair users to control their wheelchair functions by movements of the head. In addition, each pad can be individually adjusted to the specific Head Positioning Zones (HPZ) for better control, comfort and function. The on-board configurator allows each pad to control a specific wheelchair function and the force compensation function makes it possible to use the mo-vis proportional Head Control in different tilted positions and as a head positioning device.

The side pads of the Head Control can be replaced by switches. It is also possible to add additional satellites to the set-up, such as switches and/or sip-and-puff.

The mo-vis Head Control is intended for adult and pediatric power wheelchair users who benefit from positioning their head and controlling their power wheelchair fucntions by using head movements. It can be useful for poeple with little extremity control, but with good head control (e.g. high-level SCI, ALS, CP, MS).



P011-61 Head Control Omni Proportional 

1 central pad, 2 lateral pads

P011-62 Head Control Omni Switched

1 central pad, 2 x Twister Pro

More information

mo-vis is now in the final stages of development of the Head Control. We are very excited to launch this product at Rehacare in September 2024!


The Head Control is a power wheelchair control system, consisting of 3 fully adjustable pads (depth, height and orientation adjustment). 

Each pad can be individually adjusted to accommodate specific Head Positioning Zones of the wheelchair user:

  • The central pad can be placed at the occipital or suboccipital area
  • The two lateral pads can be placed on the parietal area of the user's head, clearing the ears or glasses of the user

The water-resistant and replaceable pads contain multiple force sensors (and no capacitive sensors), making the control system easy to clean and safe to use in humid conditions or when the user has wet hair.

The Head Control Omni Proportional (P011-61) consists of the following elements:

  • Fully adjustable pads (1 center pad, 2 lateral pads) containing force sensors
  • On-board configurator
  • Can be mounted on the existing head support mounting bracket of power wheelchairs

There is also a configurable threshold force to allow for switched driving. When switched driving is preferred, the Head Control Omni Switched (P011-62) is also available, where the two lateral pads are replaced by 2 x Twister Pro.

Furthermore, it is also possible to add satellites, such as additional switches or a sip-and-puff. 

The system contains 5 stereo input jacks in total:

  • Red: dedicated on/off function
  • Left & right jack: lateral pads or switch with a dedicated left/right drive function
  • Yellow & Green: configurable functions for switches/sip-and-puff (e.g. mode, standby, driving)

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