This is a photo of a Micro HID Joystick with cup

Product features

  • Low force joystick: available in Micro (8.5 gr of force) and Multi (50 gr of force) version
  • Enables people with (very) limited muscular force and/or movements to operate devices such as computers and game controllers
  • Can be operated by hand, fingers, chin...
  • Is recommended for people with tetraplegia, (neuro)muscular diseases and other advanced diseases such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or multiple sclerosis (MS)

Note: The HID Joystick is a composite Human Interface Device, which means that this device contains three HID classes: the HID mouse, HID keyboard and HID Joystick. The HID Joystick connects via USB to a PC, XBOX Game Console, Android, iOS or any other USB host device. The HID Joystick is also compatible with Bluetooth adapters.


P025-61 Micro HID Joystick

USB version of our Micro Joystick (P002-51 & P002-52). Requires 8.5 gr of force and has a travel of 3.3 mm.

P025-62 Multi HID Joystick

USB version of our Multi Joystick (P002-61 & P002-62). Requires 50 gr of force and has a travel of 8 mm.

This is a photo of a HID Micro Joystick with cup
This is a photo of a HID Joystick interface
This is a photo of a HID Micro Joystick with ball
This is a photo of a HID Micro Joystick with cup
This is a photo of a HID Multi Joystick with interface
This is a photo of a HID Multi Joystick without interface

More information

Go to our Google Group to share information about your configuration, learn more about other's experiences etc.

We also offer the option to program it for you: let us know which functions you need, how many switches you can/want to use and we'll make your device plug and play!!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which operating systems or game consoles is the HID compatible with?

    The joystick is tested on Windows 10, OSx, Android, iOS, Xbox one and the Xbox adaptive controller.

    But all platforms that support HID mouse, HID keyboard or HID joystick input should work.

    This means that you can directly connect the HID interface to the USB port of your game console if there is native support.

    Note: iOS has mouse support from iOS13 onwards.

    Note: Not all games are designed to support mice/keyboard input. You can find lists online that show which games are supported (e.g.

    Note: The Flex Controller for Nintendo Switch is not compatible with the mo-vis HID joysticks. This requires a HID gamepad device.



  • When I use the HID joystick directly on my game console, I can only play a select list of games?

    Most game consoles do not allow third party game controllers. Only games which are developed to accept HID mouse, HID keyboard or HID joystick input can be played with the HID joystick.

    Additionally, Xbox has created their own adaptive controllers (XAC), which allows a third party device like the HID joystick. This means that on this console all games can be played.

    Note: workarounds for other games consoles exist (e.g. CronusMax + adapter), but they are not officially tested by mo-vis. These workaround devices often require an original wired controller that matches the console.


  • Can I use the HID joystick on my Xbox adaptive controller (XAC)?

    The mo-vis joystick is compatible with the XAC USB ports.

    Pro tip: switches can also be connected to the HID interface, instead of the XAC. To do this, the buttons need to be configured as joystick buttons. These are mapped to predefined actions in the XAC.

    • The Xbox adaptive controller will map the first 8 buttons to X1/X2/ThumbBtnL/A/B/View/Menu for the left USB port and View+Menu/ThumbBtnR/X/Y/X1/X2 for the right USB port. Any additional buttons will be ignored.
    • If the mapped buttons are reconfigured using the Xbox accessories app, the new configurations will be applied to USB HID joystick buttons too.
    • By connecting the buttons to the interface instead of the XAC, you can add more functions to the same button by cycling through different configuration sets or using a short/medium/long press.
  • Does the HID joystick have Bluetooth functionality?

    No, but you can use it with an external bluetooth adapter.

    At mo-vis, we tested the TetraMouse (TetraLite Products) and the BT500 (Handheld scientific).

    Watch this video!

  • More questions?

    See our Google Group

Using the right joystick allows Korneel to play interactive games again

Duchenne disease is a genetic disease characterized by progressive muscle degeneration. Korneel, who loves gaming, wants to get the maximum out of his limited muscle strength. In this story, he explains how he uses the HID Joystick and other technologies to enjoy gaming and to live independently.
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