This is a photo of 3 twister pro's: red, green and black

Product features

The Twister Pro is an Input Control System for a device to be operated by a push button with a 3.5 mm jack connection (e.g. electric wheelchair or AAC device). Medium activation force (75 gr) is required. There are mounting holes available so that the Twister Pro can be positioned at an ideal place for the user.

  • Available in 3 colors: black, red and green
  • Available with short (300 mm) and long (1500 mm) cable
  • Provides auditory and tactile feedback
  • Has a 3.5 mm mono jack connector
  • Requires an activation force of 75 gr and has an activation surface of 36 mm
  • Is IPx4 compatible (protected against splashing water)
  • Can be mounted with 2 M3 screws on a flat surface
  • Is tested for a maximum allowed force of 20 kg

To make sure that the Twister Pro maintains its functionality, regular cleaning is required.



P030-11/12/13 Twister Pro (D36) 1500 mm

P030-21/22/23 Twister Pro (D36) 300 mm

All available in black, red and green

This is a picture of a Twister Pro in red, green and black
This is a picture of a green Twister Pro
This is a picture of a red Twister Pro
This is a picture of a black Twister Pro
This is a picture of the backside of the Twister Pro where you see the dipswitch
This is a picture of someone adjusting the dipswitch in the Twister Pro

More information

Safety button

The Twister Pro can be used in a 'normally open' setting, but it can also function as a safety button for R-net or LiNX operated systems (ISO 7176:14 - 2008, § Leakage Current Test).  If you set the resistor values, the device can detect when the switch is disconnected or when the cable is in short circuit. This provides additional safety to the device as you can intervene before the wheelchair shows erratic behaviour or before the user has to find out in a potentially unsafe environment that his/her on/off switch isn't working anymore.

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