This is a photo of an Actuator Keypad with Paddles

Product features

The Actuator Keypad allows to control the actuators of an electric wheelchair with an R-net control system. There are different Actuator Keypads available for the CJSM1 and CJSM2 joystick (they are not compatible with both at the same time, because each type of CJSM needs a different resistor value).

  • Allows to control the 5 actuator axes (lifts) on an R-net system
  • Available in two different versions: one with buttons and one with paddles
  • 2 different versions of keypads available for CJSM1 or CJSM2 joysticks
  • Simple connection via a 3.5 mm stereo jack into the mode socket of the joystick
  • The keypad can be mounted in line or sideways on a CJSM1 or CJSM2. The keypads that are compatible with CJSM2 joysticks can also be mounted on the Scoot Control
  • A sticker sheet is included, to facilitate the use of the keypad


P016-96 Actuator Keypad Button R-net CJSM1

P016-97 Actuator Keypad Paddle R-net CJSM1


P016-98 Actuator Keypad Button R-net CJSM2

P016-99 Actuator Keypad Paddle R-net CJSM2


P016-86 Actuator Keypad PRO Button R-net CJSM1

P016-87 Actuator Keypad PRO Paddle R-net CJSM1


P016-88 Actuator Keypad PRO Button R-net CJSM2

P016-89 Actuator Keypad PRO Paddle R-net CJSM2



This is a photo of an Actuator Keypad with buttons
This is a photo of an Actuator Keypad with paddles
This is a photo of a Scoot Control with Actuator Keypad
This is a photo of a Scoot Control with Bracket and Actuator Keypad
This is a photo of a n open Actuator Keypad Pro
This is a photo of the adjustment of an Actuator Keypad Pro

More information

The usefulness of the Actuator Keypad

Your wheelchair may be equipped with seat adjustment possibilities (tilt & recline). And with good reason. 

A high/low adjustment can be very important for social contact, for example. Without the option of a high/low adjustment, it is not possible for someone in a wheelchair to be at eye level within a group. Participating in conversations can be more difficult as a result. Adjustments are also used for care. It is also important to be able to reach certain places, utensils, ATMs, doorbells etc. This certainly promotes independence of the user.

Tilt adjustment is a great asset to change the user's posture. Without changes in posture, there is a greater risk of pressure sores and complaints related to prolonged static sitting.

An Actuator Keypad makes it much easier to control these adjustments. That means increased comfort and independence for the user. 


Actuator Keypad PRO

We also have PRO versions of our actuator keypads available, where you can assign the keys individually and/or change the order. Prior to installation, you can open up the housing and change the order of the 2-pin connectors. 

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