LiNX product webinar, Wednesday September 20 4-5pm CEST ● FULLY BOOKED

Questions we answer in the webinar

  • Which mo-vis controls are available for LiNX? 
  • How can I program the mo-vis controls on the LiNX access app?
  • Can I use the Scoot Control LiNX without any other control on the electric wheelchair?


LiNX expertise

To cover all your LiNX questions, we gladly present our guest, Jim Lucas (Dynamic Controls). He already works in the assistive technology industry for years and is an expert on LiNX programming.

Feel free to share specific questions about the Scoot Control for LiNX upfront.


Why join this webinar

Join the webinar if you want hands-on guidelines on what to do with mo-vis controls for LiNX and the LiNX access app from the moment a product arrives at your office doorstep.

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mo-vis has a full range of proportional wheelchair joysticks. We have solutions for people who need the most sensitive joysticks possible, as well as for people with excessive force and everyone in between. We have an answer for every person, for every need.

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