“The right drive control translates into a higher quality of life and more independence for the electric wheelchair user.”

Based on scientific research and years of experience with electric wheelchair users with complex mobility problems, we present a blog series on how to formalize the selection process of drive controls for electric wheelchair users.

The goal of this blog series is to hand you not only the theoretical background but also a practical framework, illustrated with real-life examples. This blog series consists of three parts. 


Part 1 ● The importance of differentiating between standard and special drive controls

In part 1 of this blog series we define what a standard drive control and a special drive control are. We also clarify who special drive controls are for. Lastly, we already touch upon the first steps of selecting the right drive control in the section ‘How to start the selection process of a drive control’.

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Part 2 ● A comprehensive framework to assess drive control needs

In part 2, we dive deeper into selecting a drive control. We hand you a comprehensive framework. It is based on both existing frameworks and years of expertise with people with complex mobility problems. By using five different building blocks, the framework helps you answer the question ‘What is needed to control an electric wheelchair?’

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Part 3 ● Applying different drive control solutions to complex mobility problems

In this part we talk about the importance of vision, core stability, and muscle function. Three factors to take into account when evaluating drive control placement. Furthermore, we look at anatomical sites of the body suitable to operate a drive control. Finally, we compare existing wheelchair joysticks and discuss a few real-life cases.

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About the author

Rebecca Van Craeymeersch is Product & Quality Manager at mo-vis. She works with wheelchair users all over the world to identify their needs, identify product requirements and launches products into the market.

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