Controlling a robotic arm

A few years ago, Hendrik added a Kinova Jaco robotic arm to his Meyra Nemo power wheelchair. The robotic arm can really improve the quality of life, as the user gains autonomy to do as much as possible himself, while the caregivers can focus on the quality of care.

However, Hendrik had to be able to control several switches now: to go through the menu of his wheelchair and to operate the Jaco arm. For him, the Multi Switch was an ideal solution, as he can now perform 4functions with just 1 single switch.

To make access even easier, Hendrik uses a proximity sensor to control the Multi Switch. This sensor, which is available in two sizes, requires no force or clicking, which is a real advantage compared to regular mechanical switches. It senses the proximity of the finger and lets you go through the different outputs.



This is a picture of Hendrik, mo-vis user with Kinova robotic arm

I am very satisfied with the mo-vis products, because they can be adapted very well to the course of my disease.



In this picture you see the Multi Switch placed below the table, but Hendrik can still see the different outputs.

He has easy access to the proximity sensor to control the Multi Switch. Hendrik uses the regular (D24) proximity sensor, which offers a sensitive activation, thanks to a larger sensor surface (as compared to the small D12 sensor). The sensitivity of the sensors is fully adjustable through our Configurator Software.


This is a photo of Hendrik's table with the Multi Switch underneath.

FC Bayern Munich

To drive his power chair, Hendrik uses the Micro joystick. As it only requires 8.5 gr of force, it is the ideal joystick for him. But, people with MD often experience coldness and stiffness of their hands and fingers. The already reduced movement capabilities become more difficult. Even impossible, especially when going outside.

That is why he then places a Hand Warmer in front of the joystick with a dome to cover it. The warm air is blown onto his fingers and because of this he retains finger flexibility and the capability to control the power chair.

The combination of the Micro Joystick and the Hand Warmer allows Hendrik to go to some of his favourite places, such as the Allianz Arena to cheer on his favourite soccer team, Bayern München.

He carries their slogan 'Mia san Mia' or 'We are who we are' with him, wherever he goes. These words can be interpreted as the complete will to succeed. Fitting words for someone fighting for awareness for his disease, for someone who is always looking for solutions to live his best life possible.





This is a picture of Hendrik, mo-vis user in a wheelchair with Hand Warmer & dome

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