Road Compensation (unique mo-Vis software for free)


A lot of people have difficulties to maintain the control of the wheelchair when they are driving in an outdoor environment on an uneven road with many bumps or on an ancient cobbled road such as for example in a historic city center. Using the ‘Road Compensation’ the client himself no longer needs to reduce the speed of the wheelchair when driving on a bad road (which loses at that instant even more stability and control) but the wheelchair itself will automatically adjust to the situation. This means that a client, for example suffering from Duchenne muscular dystrophy, can continue to keep his ‘Micro joystick’ at the maximum (and will by doing that, stabilize the position of his fingers as well as his global position) on a rugged terrain, and this without losing control of the powered wheelchair. The same for someone with ALS and a chin control. When reaching better surface, the wheelchair will automatically speed up again according to the improvement of the road. So driving on a flat and good conditioned road, the wheelchair will reach his highest speed again.

  • Especially useful for those who use the extremely sensible joysticks such as our micro- or multi joystick, but even more for people using chin, tongue or lip control (All-round light, multi and micro joystick).
  • Of particular use and important to anyone (muscular dystrophy, spinal cord injury, progressive neurodegenerative disease as ALS – MS…, spasticity, dystonia,…) on a very bumpy road with any joystick.
  • This functionality is unique in the World and does only work with the mo-Vis joysticks.
  • This feature is for free!
  • The client can activate and deactivate this feature at all times.
  • When the wheelchair is equipped with one of our Joysticks with R-net interface it’s even possible to program a supplementary profile for ‘outdoor’ in the R-net electronics of the wheelchair where the compensation of the road is activated at all times.
  • For every other equipped wheelchair (other electronics than R-net) the wheelchair user has to activate and deactivate the road compensation manually. But he can do it at any time.
  • To set the parameters you need the latest version of the ‘Configurator Software


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