Quick-to-mount (Q2M) mounting system

The Quick-to-mount (Q2M) mounting system is the collective name for a set of small but intelligent “building modules”, made of light but durable and robust metal. The mounting system has an elegant black design and it’s a modular expandable mounting system. In the future we will add new parts to this mounting system in order to expand the Q2M range. Today the Q2M mounting system consists of:

Q2M Universal Clamp (M007-01)

Universal mounting clamp to be fixed on a tube (e.g. tube of a wheelchair frame) with diameter between 19 and 26 mm and with a slot for the insertion of a flat bar (20 by 6 mm) or a round bar of 10mm.

Q2M Dogbones set

The Dogbones set is used by default to mount the Multi Swing and Manual Swing away mounting arm. Dogbones are flat bars made of durable metal, which can be perfectly used to fix extra modules to the wheelchair.


Q2M Quick Swing (M008-03)

The Quick Swing is a small swing away mounting system to mount and swing away small accessories (e.g. a switch) into a specific position. The Quick Swing consists of a receiver with rotating system from where the swing away round bar (diameter 6 mm) leaves. The Quick Swing is mounted with the Q2M Universal Clamp. The rod can be bent into the desired shape and angle in function of the customer's needs.


Q2M Rods and Clamps

The Q2M Rods and Clamps exist in thickness 6 or 8 mm and are extremely suitable for mounting joysticks, small accessories (e.g. a switch), in the required position. The rods and clamps have been designed so that they can be easily and quickly connected to each other. You choose the distances and angles by tightening or loosening the clamps via an allen wrench. Adjustments can be done any time. Firm fixation.
Rods exist in different lengths: with diameter 6 mm following lenghts are available: 50 mm, 100 mm, 200 mm, 300 mm and 400 mm. With diameter 8 mm we have rods of 50 mm, 100 mm and 200 mm. The rods can be bent with a bending tool. See picture of red bending tool below. Contact mo-Vis for more information.

Q2M Mounting Base D6 or D8

The Quick-to-mount Mounting Base D6/D8 is a small but firm mounting base to mount small accessories on any flat surface, such as a wheelchair tray. By tightening the 2 provided screws with an allen wrench, you fix the Q2M Mounting Base on a flat surface. The Mounting Base provides the base to insert a Q2M Rod of 6mm (D6) or 8mm (D8) diameter, on which again you can add Q2M Clamps and other Q2M Rods to easily build the position that is needed to mount a joystick or other accessories.









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