Multi Switch

  • P014-40


The Multi Switch unit enables the use of a single input device to control up to four outputs. This offers more operating options to the user with just one single input.



  • One 3.5 mm stereo input jack to connect a mechanical switch or a mo-Vis proximity sensor as input device
  • Two 3.5 mm stereo jacks to connect up to four separate outputs
  • Usb powered (usb charger, power bank, laptop, tablet,...)
  • Fully adjustable to individual possibilities and needs
  • Easily configurable with the free mo-Vis Configuration software
  • Different select modes : Click, Start & Scan, Hold and Scan
  • Different output modes : momentary/timed or switched
  • 2 operation modes: locked/unlocked in any output
  • Maximum 4 active outputs (3.5mm stereo jack splitter to 3.5 mm mono jack cable is required)
  • Auditory and visual feedback (every output channel has its own LED that indicates its status and activity)
  • Different time settings: debounce, select, close and quit time
  • Different auditory feedbacks: input-, select-, output- and quit beep


download manual in English, Dutch, French or German