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mo-Vis is convinced that technological aids are very important for people with disabilities. They have a major influence and effect on someone's integration, independancy and quality of life. mo-Vis wants to keep people on the move, to improve their quality of life and to make them as independant as possibble. Thanks to mo-Vis' team members with a lot of knowledge and experience in the technical and paramedical field, we can complete any challenge and find the best possible solution, which can make an important difference in the life of people with disabilities. 

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mo-Vis tries to stay as close as possible in contact with people with disabilities and their therapists or attendants and relies on years and years of experience in the field. Every market feedback is of great value to us to evaluate, develop and improve our own mo-Vis products. Only then we can provide any kind of technological aid which gets the best out of people and their possibilities. mo-Vis wants to get people "on the move" . 

On the international side, mo-Vis keeps contact with dealers around the world to provide our unique product range of very well thought and reliable input devices for powered wheelchairs and mounting solutions.