mo-Vis stands for 'move with vision', as we like to keep moving forward and get people "on the move"!



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For some people, winter season means that the cold- and stifness of their fingers and hands makes movement more difficult or even impossible. Other might even experience these problems in every season. With the Hand Warmer, you can improve the flexibility of cold body parts.


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Sometimes the small amplitude of the hand and finger movements does not allow to control multiple switches.

If you can, then all the different switches, can make your surroundings rather cluttered.

With the mo-Vis Multi Switch, you can reduce your set-up to one single switch and with our configurator software, you can further adapt it to your own needs.

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The Road Compensation is part of all our joysticks and configurable via our own Configurator Software. It makes your outdoor driving experience much more pleasant, as the wheelchair will automatically adjust its speed when driving on uneven or difficult roads. Thanks to the road compensation, there is more stability for the users to maintain control.




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